Parenting With A Purpose believes that being a parent or caregiver is one of the most important jobs in the world, and yet, at times, the most challenging. Our professionally trained Parent Mentors will work with you to establish a plan to help you transform your family environment and to expand your capacity to function more effectively in your role as a parent or caregiver.  

   Parents are matched with a professionally trained Parent Mentor. Mentors support parents as they develop the capacity and confidence they need to nurture the development of their children, giving them a strong start toward future success.  




How does the Parent Mentor program help?


   With parent mentoring you can:

  •  Learn essential parenting skills 
  • Non-physical means of discipline 
  • Child scheduling\prioritizing the parents schedule
  • Locating resources essential to meeting your family’s specific needs
  • Create goals to strengthen parent -child relationship 
  •  Creating an environment where all family members can reach their full potential

Work Shops


All Parenting Perspectives workshops are presented using our signature style that includes demonstrations to show parents the dos and don'ts of parenting, as well as effective tools and strategies in action.

  • Designed for parents/caregivers of toddlers to teens. We will tailor the presentation for the specific audience.
  • 90 minutes or length can be customized to meet your needs.
  • Available for groups at schools, community events, daycare centers, churches, playgroups or anywhere parents and caregivers gather.
  • Workshops can  be done in your home.  

Please browse our topics to find the one just right for you and your community, ask us about topics you don’t see listed.

  • Potty Training Tips 
  • Activities That Will Support A Positive Parent- Child Relationship  
  • Educate The Importance of Organization in the Family  
  • Homework Without Tears 
  • Effective Limit Settings 
  • Sleep Schedules Toddler/Infants 

What We Do For Schools




  • Topics include but are not limited to (please ask for the complete list of parent talks):
  • Transitions: Helping your Child and Family Adjust to School
  • Parent/Child  Organization 
  • Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child
  • Raising Healthy Children 
  • Homework Help 
  • Screen Time 
  • IEPs understanding 
  • Finding a Playgroup 

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